Riecoin Mining Pool

Welcome, here is information on our mining pool. Come and join the fun!

Below is a Guide to Get Setup and Mining Quickly. You can mine without registering an account but an account will allow you to view your balances and do manual withdrawals.

How to Mine with Pool

Step 1 - Setup a Riecoin Wallet:

 First step - download Riecoin Core which contains a wallet and other advanced features like solo mining.

After installing the wallet, create a "Recieving Address" and you will use this for the rieMiner configuration file.

Step 2 - Download rieMiner software:
Step 3 - Setup Configuration File:

In same Folder as rieMiner exectuable/binary create a file named "rieMiner.conf" and enter the below information

Mode = Pool
Host = kilomau.com
Port = 2005
Username = username or Riecoin address
Password = Hex Token, needed only if using an account

By default, rieMiner will use all available CPU threads. To limit threads use "threads = " in configuration file.

Step 4 - Run rieMiner software:

Launch rieMiner. After an initialization period which shouldn't take longer than a couple minutes, rieMiner will start mining.

If you get an error message, double-check the configuration file. Make sure the addresses are correct and that there are no trailing whitespaces.

Software Downloads

NameVersionDownload Links
Riecoin Core(Wallet)24.04

Recent Statistics

Active Miners2
Valid Shares4056
Invalid Shares10
% Valid99.75

Riecoin Node Status

Last Block2145560
Mining Power40.47

Pool Fees

Pool Fee1%
Withdrawal Fee0.01%

Pool Statistics

Active Miners2
Mining Power3.03

Current Round

Since Block2145560, 2024-05-19 15:02:02
Current Block2145561
Since8 min 30 s
Current reward12.5 RIC
Current difficulty899.78